Large Metal hoop swing


This stunning swing is intended for use with children up to 10 years old, but it's big enough to fit a grown up. It measures around 3ft in diameter.

It's made with thick iron bar. There is a 1ft deep sturdy seat, so all you need is to add some padding, and some flowers and you're ready to go.

This swing is available with or without flowers.

All our items are made to be used as photography props. They are not toys. Please always use a spotter nearby to ensure the child will not fall off and make sure you attach the swing to a strong pole or branch making sure it can support heavy weight and will not snap!

We can't be held responsible for any accidents or falls happened during the session.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for dispatch of this prop. Production time can be extended in busy season. Please check our terms and conditions for more info. We use 24 -48h courier for these.

Artificial flowers will be provided in a separate box for you to arrange them as you wish. They won't come attached to the swing to avoid any damage occurred in transit.